"Your Go-To Guys" ...I help you get the basics done around the house. Cut the trees/hedge or grass... Theres no need to sweat the small stuff when owning a house!

March 23, Wednesday 2016

Hello and welcome to my simple website. "YourGoToGuys".

My name is Don and I am what is called, a "personal assistant". 

I live in a sleepy little community in Canada called Winnipeg, so I tend to only take job offers from people within this 10 square mile area. (Sorry Singapore and Scotland)

Anyhow...what is a "personal assistant" you may be asking? 

I make people's lives easier  by getting all sorts of small jobs done for them. Yard work.. indoor work... whatever.  Mostly outdoor work in the Summer.

Here is what I do;

  • spring and fall clean                                      $100
  • cut grass (monthly contracts or per cut)   $150
  • cleaning eavetroughs                                    $80-$120
  • yard makeovers                                             $200-$250
  • trim branches & cut smaller trees               $80-$150

I've been doing yardwork etc for folks for about 10 years now.

Prices are not free but have you seen the price of a Starbucks coffee lately?

Here is my number to call with any questions or odd jobs.

... Ph: (204) 9 5 1- 8 8 8 9 

 I am the guy to call.... "YourGoToGuys"

Call me for yourself, or for a loved one.     


 No....thats not a photo of Tom Cruise. Its me. (People probably think we're brothers:)

That was a few years back when I was shovelling snow off a roof on Wellington Cres.

Anyhow, look around my site for a while and then give me a dingle and I can pop over and take care of business.

  Don  of "YourGoToGuys"   ... dot com

(204) 951 - 8889