"Your Go-To Guys" ...I help you get the basics done around the house. Cut the trees/hedge or grass... Theres no need to sweat the small stuff when owning a house!

March 14, Saturday 2015

Hello and welcome to my simple website. "YourGoToGuys".

My name is Don and I am what is called, a "personal assistant". 

I live in a sleepy little community in Canada called Winnipeg, so I tend to only take job offers from people within this 10 square mile area. (Sorry Singapore and Scotland)

Anyhow...what is a "personal assistant" you may be asking? 

I make people's lives easier  by getting all sorts of small jobs done for them. Yard work.. indoor work... whatever.  Mostly outdoor work in the Summer.

Well...it looks like winter is leaving us earlier than expected... a few weeks til Spring cleanup begins perhaps.

So lets make sure the ice is off the grass for a while before we damage things with rakes and such.

But soon....I`ll be  doing Spring Cleanup (manual raking etc) and all the other parts of the yard work job.

- trimming trees and hedges

- cleaning eaves (many are growing tall plants..or a mini forest)

- cutting grass and sprucing up the yard

- yard makeovers to get a house ready to sell or rent

I've been doing yardwork etc for folks for about 7 years now.

I've worked for organizations like the Winnipeg Public Trustee.

Prices are not free but have you seen the price of a Starbucks coffee lately?

Here is my number to call with any questions or odd jobs.

... Ph: (204) 9 5 1- 8 8 8 9 

 I am the guy to call.... "YourGoToGuys"

Call me for yourself, or for a loved one.     


 No....thats not a photo of Tom Cruise. Its me. (People probably think we're brothers:)

That was a few years back when I was shovelling snow off a roof on Wellington Cres.

Anyhow, look around my site for a while and then give me a dingle and I can pop over and take care of business.

  Don  of "YourGoToGuys"   ... dot com

(204) 951 - 8889